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As we learn more about what our partners and learners need today, TheologyX  gathers a list of frequently asked questions.

Our responses to these can be found below categorised into the following sections:
“Using TheologyX”, “Troubleshooting issues”, “TheologyX partnerships” and “Course specific queries”.

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Using TheologyX

There are two types of engagement with TheologyX. 

  1. Public access courses: You will create your own account using a personal email address and then you will pay for and enrol in the publicly accessed courses. 
  2. Partner coordinated courses: For courses set to ‘invitation only’, administrators for the partner organisation will be enrolling you in the course. You will need to register your TheologyX account using the email address you’ve provided to the Partner organisation. You can create your account first (a message displays saying “You’re not enrolled in any courses” until you are enrolled, or you can wait for the enrolment email.

To create your TheologyX account for the first time go to the registration page.

Usernames have to be unique as they can be used for enrolment purposes. Therefore there can only be 1 “John”, 1 “Mary” and 1 “Timothy” for example, you may need to include your surname or numbers to differentiate you.

Usernames cannot use spaces so you may need to use a dash (-) or underscore (_) rather instead of a space.

Once your CliffX account has been created an email from will be sent to the email address used to set up your account. In that email there will be a button to click hyperlinking you to activate your account. Click the button. A green banner will display confirming you’ve activated your account.

On the sign in page, under the textbox for ‘password’ there is a hyperlink saying “Need help signing in?” Click this.

Enter the email address you need the password resetting for.

Click the ‘Recover my password’ button.

Go to your email inbox.

Find the email from and click the ‘Change my Password’ button.

On the webpage that opened from the hyperlink, set a new password and confirm it.

You will then need to sign in again.

TheologyX is a learning neighbourhood offering both public and private access courses.

For public access courses you can search via the course catalogue or by partner organisation.

If the course is free to enrol in, click the ‘enrol’ button and the course will immediately display on your dashboard.

If the course is to be paid for you can click the ‘purchase course’ button which will take you through to the ecommerce payment gateway to take payment. You will need to be signed into your account to associate the payment to your account. Once the process is complete the course will display in your dashboard.

If the course is showing ‘invitation only’ the partner organisation’s administrators will be enrolling you in the course, and there may be a separate registration step they request of you. Read the details of the course and guidance should be provided.

When you mark a page with a bookmark a small tag appears on the unit tab and on the course outline under ‘course tools’ a category of ‘bookmarks’ appears. Use this if you’d like to mark particular pages of the course as important.

TheologyX will automatically return you to the last place you viewed in the course when you click the ‘resume course’ button from the course outline.

Troubleshooting issues

The easiest thing to do is clear your cache. If you do an internet search for “how do I clear my cache”, the results will tell you the steps relevant to your browser.

If you’re account is locked due to multiple failed attempts, wait about 10 minutes before trying again.

Take care to check you are inputting the correct email address and password when signing in.

Please ensure you’ve typed your email address correctly.

Please check your junk inbox, some antivirus software likes to filter the emails from TheologyX.

Please check again in an hour, it may have been delayed from the system.

Contact providing the Kathryn with as much detail as you can about the steps you’ve taken. Please note, this is a enquiries email address for all of TheologyX, you will need to provide details of the course you’re enrolling in. If your question is course specific please look in the course details for information.

There are a few options why this is the case.

  1. You have just created your TheologyX account and you haven’t yet enrolled in any courses.
  2. The partner organisation’s administration team haven’t enrolled you in the course yet. They will likely send you an email when you’ve been enrolled.
  3. You’ve previously engaged with a course which has since been archived. On your dashboard click ‘Past Courses’ to see your archived courses.
  4. You’ve got a secondary account with a different email address to the address you paid/enrolled in the course with. Logout of TheologyX and sign back in using the email address enrolled in the courses.
  5. You’re a Cliff College student and you’ve signed into TheologyX instead of CliffX. Logout and go to CliffX.

Your dashboard is split into current and archived courses. The default view is ‘my courses’ which are your current courses. There is a second tab entitled ‘Past courses’, if the end date of the course has passed your course will now show under ‘Past courses’.

TheologyX does not delete past courses, they are simply archived for you to return to.

You may not have activated your account. When an account is created an activation email is sent to the address to verify that the email address used is real and can be accessed. Until an account has been activated via a link in the email, you cannot log back into the account after the initial access.

Go to the mail inbox for your account’s email address and find the email from TheologyX inviting you to activate your account. Once your account has been activated you’ll be able to log in.

This can happen for a few reasons

  1. You typed the email address incorrectly when you created the account and therefore no email has been received to be able to activate your account. The system cannot send emails to accounts not yet activated.
  2. You have not yet activated your account. Find the activation email in your mail inbox and follow the link.
  3. When requesting the password reset you typed the email address incorrectly. Please try again, typing your email address accurately.
  4. The email is on its way, but not yet arrived into your mail inbox.
  5. Your account hasn’t been connected to MCSLX yet but has previously been used on another TheologyX website. If your account was originally connected to CliffX, MCBX or MCSLX please go to that site to reset your password, before attempting to log in to MCSLX again.

TheologyX partnerships

Great question!

Partnerships can come in many shapes and sizes and TheologyX has a solution for you and your theological training.

  1. Course by course – for those who want to begin with a single course they want to share publicly or privately 
  2. Portfolios of courses – for those who know they have a series of courses to run we make it affordable to by in bulk.
  3. As your own learning management system (LMS) – for organisations who have a lot of private/internal training courses and want freedom to have their own version of TheologyX.

Get in touch with Kathryn Middleton and Andrew Stobart on to develop your part of this learning community and request the solutions documentation.

That’s exciting! Kathryn Middleton and Andrew Stobart are the people to talk to. You can email them via and explore how you’d like to engage.

Course specific queries

Methodist Church in Britain - Creating Safer Spaces: Advanced Module

The course is built with pre-requisites meaning you will get a ‘content locked’ message until you have successfully answered all the questions in that section. 

You can look on your ‘progress tab’ and the practice scores will roughly show you were you have unanswered questions. Navigate back through the unit to the relevant page and complete the question you’d not answered.

Once you have answered all the questions successfully the next section/unit will become accessible to you.

If you have answered all the questions but a few of them are incorrect, this can stop you progressing.

Please return to the question you got wrong and self-correct the answer by clicking the ‘reset’ button where there is one, or change your selected answer to the correct answer.

Once you have selected a correct answer you will be able to move on.

Incorrect answers can delay your progress to the next unit as the pre-requisite grading requires full completion before it allows you to access the next unit.

You can check for the incorrect/unanswered questions on your progress tab which will have various 0/1 or 1/1 etc depending on the points scorable for a question. Navigate back to the unit page where there are 0/1s.

The progress dial is different to your graded score. 

The progress dial will recognise where you engaged fully and viewed the pages, often needing to scroll down the the ‘previous’ and ‘next’ buttons for navigation rather than just the ones at the top of the page to recognise you’re involvement with the page. It isn’t yet perfect technology but it does give you an approximate gage of where you’re up to in the course.

The score that matters is your grade for the completion at the end. This score is found on your ‘progress’ tab.

Sometimes the District safeguarding teams send the email to participants faster than the central team can enrol you in the course. You are welcome to complete the registration for the course, and when the central safeguarding team have enrolled you in the course you will receive a notification email alerting you to the enrolment.

At that point you will be able to see “Creating Safer Spaces: Advanced Module” in your dashboard.

Contact your District Safeguarding Officer if they are the ones who have registered your for the course.

If the above questions haven’t resolved your issues please email the Advanced Module course coordinators on


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