Introduction to Evangelism

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This 4 session course is led by Revd Dr Martyn Atkins. Martyn says "over four sessions we’ll be exploring what evangelism means and what it consists of, both past and present. We’ll look at the many different ways of evangelism and assess them for their usefulness today. We’ll be examining how evangelism, conversion, discipleship, mission and the nature and calling of the Christian church relate to each other. We’ll explore why evangelism is sometimes a thing of contention, and ask why some Christians question whether we should engage in it today at all, recognising that many don’t! We’ll reflect on the ‘ethics of evangelism.’ And we’ll also draw upon our own experiences and learning to identify what ‘effective’, ‘authentic’ and ‘appropriate’ evangelism might be today. There’s pauses for reflection and prayer along the way, and a number of exercises set out at various points. And there’s a reading list identifying basic texts and some for those who want to delve deeper." This course can be started at any time and completed at your own pace. You may choose to do this all in one day, or pace it across a few weeks when you have time. We estimate each session will take you about 60-90 minutes depending how you choose to engage and how deeply. When you have completed this course you will receive a completion certificate in acknowledgement of your engagement with the course material. This course has a fee of £25.00.

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Do I have to complete this course all at once?

This is a self-paced course. You may choose to do this all at once over a couple of days, or take a session a day. However it works best for you and fits around your life commitments. We suggest you aim to complete the course within 4 weeks.

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