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About This Course

Our Parenting for Faith course is a self-paced short course designed to stretch, inform and inspire as those questions are explored. It is designed for those working in a professional or voluntary capacity with children, young people, and families in churches. This course will equip you to successfully support parents and carers as they disciple their children and explore what parenting for faith might look like in your church and community. What is it to share Christian faith within the family? How can we better parent the children of our communities to grow in God, or as adults accompany children on the Christian journey? What can it mean for the Church to support a family and have effective input into young people’s lives? How can we develop confidence in parents around prayer and the sharing of the Bible story? This short course will help people working with children, youth and families in their churches and communities learn how to position themselves for maximum impact; develop foundational values and practices to operate out of, and establish practical steps to shape a culture where parenting for faith can flourish. Subject areas include:
  • the current crisis in spiritual parenting
  • an overview of Parenting for Faith and its five key tools
  • skills and values you need to successfully support your families
  • Parenting for Faith in children’s and youth work and intergenerational spaces
  • working with your church and planning your next steps.
You can work through the material at your own pace. When you have completed this course you will receive a completion certificate in acknowledgement of your engagement with the course material. This course has the fee of £150.00 Please be aware that there is also a "Certificate in Parenting for Faith" which has a assignment at the end of the course and gains you a Cliff College Certificate in Parenting for Faith. This is not that course.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay for this course? uses Stripe e-commerce to pay, you can pay for this course securely online.

How is the course delivered?

All the content is accessible within this course. There are hyperlinks to external resources and recommendations of further reading to try which you would need to find your own access to. The teaching is pre-recorded for you to work through at a suitable time to you. There are activities and reflections to engage with following each of videos that teach on that unit's theme.

Do I have to complete this course all at once?

This is a self-paced course. You may choose to do this all at once over a week, or take a session a day. However it works best for you and fits around your life commitments. The Parenting for Faith team suggest you try and complete a unit each month to keep you progressing.

What's the estimated time commitment?

The minimum time is about 2 hours per unit. The teaching videos average about 45 minutes, and then the rest of the time will depend on how you learn and how much you use the optional reflections and activities. Potentially if you completed all the reflections it is about 4 hours per unit. There are 12 units.

What's the difference between the two course types?

This version is the course will gain you a completion certificate when you've worked through all the content at your own pace. The Cliff College Certificate version is the same teaching material and additionally has one written assignment to submit to help you further engage with the learning of the course. The Cliff College Certificate version will have content released weekly and at the end you'll have a number of weeks to complete the assignment. It is important to make your decision before your purchase access to the course as you cannot switch part way through the course content.
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