Creating Safer Spaces - Advanced Module

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The Advanced Module builds on the work done in the Foundation Module. So it is important that participants have attended this prior to attending the Advanced Module. This course is split into two parts: ●● Theology X online content (approx. 4 hours) ●● Zoom based group work and reflection (1.5hrs) There is also a supporting Handbook, which is a resource for further study. The aim of the Advanced Module is to consolidate and develop your previous safeguarding learning and: ●● explore what this means in your designated role of responsibility within the Church ●● further equip you with skills and resources to be confident in promoting good practice in the Church and community ●● extend your understanding of responding well to different groups within the Church community


To complete this course, you must have attended the Creating Safer Spaces foundation module

Christine Kennedy - Connexional Safeguarding team

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